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Explore Reliability and Accuracy: Is the Togala Smartwatch Worth Buying?

Exploring Reliability and Accuracy: Is the Togala Smartwatch Worth Buying?

The full name on is Smartwatch, Fitness Armbanduhr Sportuhren Bluetooth 1.69 Voller Touch Screen IP67 Wasserdicht Smart Watch Schwarz, Fitness Tracker mit Schrittzähler Schlafmonitor Stoppuhr für Sportuhr Herren Fitness.
Brand: Togala. There are no professional reviews about this brand online, so it is estimated to be an unknown brand. The manual specifically states that there is no medical certification, so the watch’s measurements are for reference only. It’s just for fun, so I decided to try it out. Here is a comprehensive evaluation and experience with the product.

Various Features

Appearance and Display:
The Togala smartwatch features a stylish black design with a sufficiently large screen and responsive touch functionality. However, the watch often switches screens without being touched, and the wrist raise display function frequently fails.

Heart Rate Measurement:
The heart rate measurement function of the watch is disappointing. According to observations, the maximum error value can reach 30. It often shows a high heart rate, but when measured manually, the actual rate is much lower. Luckily, I recently had a health check and know I’m in good health, otherwise, the watch might have scared me into thinking I was ill.

Blood Pressure:
Uncertain if accurate, as it can display normal readings even when measuring a banana.

Blood Oxygen:
Uncertain if accurate, as it never drops below 97% even when measuring a banana.

The above three measurement results are stated in the manual to be for reference only since there is no medical certification. Also, using the watch to measure a banana indicates that all bananas are alive.

Step Counting:
Very inaccurate; even sitting and doing nothing can increase the step count. The step counting algorithm seems very basic.

Sleep Recording:
Uncertain if accurate, as the watch often still records sleep even after being awake for a while.

Exercise Recording:
Given that step counting is already very inaccurate, the jump rope count isn’t expected to be precise either. After 400 jumps, the error was about 50, recording only 353.

Wrist Raise Display:
As mentioned above, sometimes it doesn’t work.

Other Functions:
Notifications such as call reminders, SMS reminders, app reminders, sedentary reminders, and smart alarms were not enabled to save power, so their effectiveness cannot be evaluated.

Battery Life:
The battery life of the watch is only satisfactory for the first 50%. With 24-hour heart rate monitoring enabled, the watch consumed about 50% of its power in around seven days. The remaining 50% was depleted to 6% within three days.

A charging dock is included, but no charging adapter. The manual suggests not using a charging adapter with an output exceeding 5V, 1A, so charging is recommended via a computer USB port or an old phone USB charger. Charging from 6% to full took less than three hours, though I didn’t measure it precisely.

App and Data Sync:
Aside from the mentioned product features, the Togala smartwatch’s mobile app is quite convenient.

Firstly, the mobile app for the watch is well designed, offering an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for accessing various functions and settings. Importantly, the app does not require an account registration, which enhances its usability.

Additionally, the app supports binding with third-party applications such as Google Fit. This means data from the watch can be synchronized with other health and fitness tracking platforms for more comprehensive data management and analysis. This integration provides more options and convenience.

Moreover, the data on the Togala watch is said to be stored for about seven days. It doesn’t need to be synchronized with the phone daily, allowing users to view past data within a certain time frame, which is very convenient for daily tracking and review.


Overall, the Togala smartwatch has issues with accuracy and reliability in some functions, but its mobile app design and functionality integration are commendable. These features provide convenience and flexibility, allowing better management and tracking of health data.

However, it is advisable to carefully consider the reliability and accuracy of this watch’s functions before purchasing and determine if it meets your personal needs and expectations.

Lastly, check out a banana with blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen.

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